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In the last ten years designers have started turning living in tiny homes into an artform all of its own. Sprawling mansions are out and tiny apartments with ingeniously designed interiors are very much in. Several images and videos of tiny (but beautiful) homes have gone viral, proving that the idea of downsizing is more appealing than ever to a lot of people. But, the interiors of these amazing small spaces are so meticulously designed that it’s hard to imagine how those of us without access to our own professional decorators could make it happen. Thankfully, there are some really innovative new homeware products on the market that are perfect solutions to small spaces and anyone can get their hands on them!

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Think upwards

Using the upper half of your walls for storage space is a classic solution for tiny homes or small living rooms. But, there’s one big problem – most of us are going to have a bit of trouble getting up there! These ladders and bookshelves don’t just look stunning, but actually provide a very practical answer for those who want to live in a small space but don’t want to give up their vast book collection.

We love: This steel frame and waxed wood industrial bookcase ladder from Interiors Online

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Rethink what a bedroom looks like

One of the trickiest rooms in tiny apartments is the bedroom. Do you opt for a small bed so you can fit all the traditional extras in the room? Now there’s a better solution! Interior designers are turning beds into the whole room, creating bedrooms that look like the most comfortable and luxurious cubby houses imaginable. Ingenious shelving and lighting around the bed means you can perch on the end of your bed to use a shelf as a desk and still have all your essentials near by. Another great idea is to create a loft bed and then use the space underneath for anything else you might need in a bedroom.

We love: A bed with storage underneath, like the Ikea Mandal bed in birch wood.

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Use the walls

This one might sound simple but in small spaces it’s absolutely essential to learn how to use the walls for things that would otherwise take up valuable floor space. For example, in small bedrooms sometimes a bedside table sometimes just isn’t feasible – especially if the bed takes up the better part of the room and you’re hoping to fit a wardrobe in too. Mounted wall lamps are the perfect solution to this dilemma, saving you space and still allowing you to read in bed.

We love: Aged steel Mangor wall bracket lamps from Beacon Lighting, and it’s buy one get one free at the moment so you can have one on either side of the bed.

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Modular furniture

Furniture that stacks away neatly and can be used for multiple purposes is the ultimate small-apartment must have! Modular furniture has come along way in the last few years as more and more of us have demanded solutions for tiny spaces. While a modular living room set like the one pictured might have to be something you invest in having custom made, there are lots of simpler modular storage solutions available in interior design shops and online.

We love: Modos modular storage solutions, and they’re tool-free to put together!

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Tiny kitchens, big ideas

A small kitchen might sound like every foodie’s worst nightmare, but these design solutions could change anyone’s mind. Simple ideas like having open shelves for dinnerware and hanging cooking utensils from the walls can create the illusion of more space, as can sleek storage units with no handles and utilising corner space as a pantry. One of the big tricks is to always leave an open, clean countertop so that the space doesn’t feel cluttered.

We love: These over-sink kitchen tidies by Kitchen Ware and these simple wall mounted shelves that anyone can DIY

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