12. Lawyerlamp

Want to trick people into thinking you’re a genius but don’t want to actually learn things?

Make these changes to your house and your guest will feel like your intellectual inferior in no time!

14. Library space.

14. Library

As you can see, there are so many books you need a ladder to reach them.


13. Grand piano with sheet music.

13. Piano

Keep a guitar for less intelligent guests to play.


12. Green lawyer lamp.

12. Lawyerlamp

Saying “Ahh, I wasn’t expecting you. Please, sit.” under the light of this baby automatically gives you and extra 20 IQ points.


11. Bespoke coat hangers.

11. Coat Hanger

You’re so smart that you don’t need a coat hanger that can help get your keys out of a locked car!


10. Old study desk.

10. Desk

Emphasize that children are not allowed here at least three or four times.


9. Corkboard with red wool.

9. Corkboard

Oh this? Just a little hobby you’re working on. (You’re being modest, you might be up for an award!)


8. Really good terrariums.

8. Terrarium

Putting them in a flask will make them think you’re doing an experiment!


7. Subtle arrows for guests.

7. Floor arrows

It’s like IKEA for your guests! Boss them around! Subtly!


6. Effective cable management.

6. Effective cables

Because being organised is also a smart idea.


5. Equation wall.

5. Equations

If you don’t know any equations, just write E = mc 2 over and over again.


4. Old fashioned globe.

4. Globe

Because you know the world isn’t flat!


3. Weird fruit bowl.

3. Weird fruit

Like literature, film and music, your taste in fruit is exotic.


2. Typewriter.

2. Typewriter

Give it a nickname. Make the nickname in Latin.


1. Podcast corner.

1. Podcast corner

Because you, actually like learning.  (Bonus points for Illuminati pillow!)