Lately, a whole range of super foods are becoming a craze as they can transform someone’s lifestyle and health. One of these super foods is the paradise favourite, Coconut Oil.

So here are 12 ways you can transform your beauty regime with the super food Coconut Oil.

12. Teeth Whitener, mouth wash and oral hygiene.


This is known as oil pulling. For 20 minutes swish a tea spoon of coconut oil in your mouth, then dispose into a bin. Slowly your teeth will begin whiten and at an instant you’ll have fresh smelling breath without all of the chemicals.


11. Hair conditioner.

hair coconut

Rub some coconut oil onto the tips of your hair and massage into scalp, keep in a beanie and keep it over night for magic hydration.


10. Skin moisturiser.

moist skin

Run out of cream? Well coconut oil can do the trick! It can really help out on dry winter patches on skin or just for day to day hydration.


9. Lip balm.

lip balm

Just like how you’d use it for your skin!


8. Make Up Remover.

makeup remover

The beauty of this is that there are no chemicals to harm your skin when rubbing off your makeup. It all so moisturises and is cheaper than chemical based makeup remover.


7. Body Scrub.

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Mix 3 table spoons of brown sugar and 2 table spoons of coconut oil and create the yummiest body scrub.


6. Face Mask.


And even yummier mixture! Honey and coconut! Combine together to make a very hydrating Face Mask.


5. Clean makeup brushes.

makeup brushes

It’s important to constantly keep your makeup brushes clean however such products are pricy.

Solution – mix antibacterial soap with coconut oil.


4. Sooth sun burns.

sun burn

Can assist in calming and preventing pealing skin.


3. Deodorant.


As we know, deodorants are not only pricey but have harmful chemicals that can irritate armpit glands and cause long term illnesses, solution – Rub a generous amount of coconut oil under pits to assist with BO.


2. Deodorise your feet.


After a good foot scrub apply a layer of coconut oil onto feet and then a pair of socks. You’ll wake up with soft fresh smelling feet!


1. For a close Shave.

Coconut shaving

Apply a thin layer on shaving area and get to it!