If you’re a good astronaut, you’ll make sure you have all these checked off your list before takeoff!

8. Astronaut Ice cream

Astronaut ice cream
This is something you can buy and apparently tastes like real ice cream us earthlings eat!


7. Dehydrated Fruits

This isn’t so bad.


6. Liquified salt and sugar

Trying to get sugar and salt onto your food in a solid state is impossible whilst in orbit… it also will get in your eyes so, liquefied is the solution!


5. Tang

“ Tang sucks!” – Buzz Aldrin.


4. Thermostabilized Meats

Sounds bad, but all it is, is that the Frankfurt’s have been exposed to heat and vacuumed for those long space missions.


3. Dehydrated food cubes

date fruit cake
I guess its more about the taste than the appearance.


2. Vacuumed packed brownies

Yes, actual earth brownies, just vacuumed for lasting freshness.


1. Fresh fruit

space oranges
Only tomatoes, bananas and oranges make this category and are packed last and eaten first.