Free spirit, peace kid, flower child; you know the type.

If you don’t know what to purchase them for their next re-birthing ceremony flick through these and get inspired!

12. Patches.

hippie Patch

They can sew it to their bomber jacket or bag and show their hippie pride.


11. Tie Dyed Bandannas.


Bandannas can also be used as wall hangings and hippies love to hang things on walls!


10. Hemp Wallets and Bags.


Don’t let them burn it.


9. Corduroy Bean Bag.

Comfort Research

A wonderful alternative to the household chair.


8. Worry Dolls.

Worry dolls

These tiny little guys go under the pillow and let your mind be free to wonder.


7. Dream Catcher.


Wondering dreams need to go somewhere!


6. Crystal Chakra Pendant.


They come as rings as well as necklaces and are made to heal broken souls.


5. Tarot Cards.

tarot cards

They’ll never see this one coming!


4. Incense and Incense burners.


The smell of fresh sandalwood and patchouli is not only very relaxing but is also a quirky addition to a gift.


3. Giant Lava Lamp.

lava lamp

A very groovy accessory that would suit any hippies home decor.


2. Lokta Lantern.

Lokta L

Soft lights and lanterns can be a great addition to any meditating room.


1. Dead Sea Mud Soap.


Or anything organic! Hippies are all for the natural.