Kitchen Inventions

Regardless of your age, gender, profession or hobbies, time spent in the kitchen is unavoidable. We’ve gotta eat, right? With most of us trying to pack more and more into every day, time spent in the kitchen demands to be efficient and effective. There is no use standing over a pot stirring for hours when a nifty little gadget can do it for you. Why have eight different tools lying around when one can do the same job? Are you trying to increase your vegetable intake but your family isn’t so keen? Turn your spare zucchinis and carrots into pasta! And there’s even a solution for spreading butter straight from the fridge.

All of these solutions are not only possible, but affordable and readily available as well!

Bin 8 Multi

1. Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

The ultimate kitchen space-saver is here, boasting eight clearly labeled, brightly coloured kitchen tools that all clip together into the size and shape of a bottle of wine. Say goodbye to cluttered drawers and messy cabinets, the Bin 8 combines tools as diverse as a lemon squeezer, a spice grater, egg separator and a measuring cup and is completely BPA-free. Unfortunately, it is not dishwasher safe but at around $20, it is excellent value for money and looks good enough to sit proudly on your counter top.

For more information and to order your own, check out Bentoandco or Amazon.


2. Stirio Version 2.0

Are you a fan of making soups, stews, porridge or even risotto, but aren’t a fan of the constant stirring that comes with them? It’s time to get your hands on a Stirio, a hands-free stirrer with a silent motor and a one-size-fits-all blade. You’ll never have to worry about burning your food again as the Stirio simply clamps on to the side of your pot and has enough battery life to stir consistently for up to an hour. Rest your cooking elbow and enjoy a glass of wine instead. Or save yourself some time and set the table or start on the dishes while the Stirio does the heavy lifting. Then, when you’re done cooking, the simple design merely detaches from the motor and is completely dishwasher safe. Slave over your meals no more!

The Stirio Version 2.0 clocks in at around $65 and can be found at Unikia or Amazon.

Click Stick Butter

3. Click Stick Butter Cutter

We’ve all been there, waking up with that inexplicable need for buttered toast. You head downstairs, pop two slices in the toaster and then realise the butter has been in the fridge all night. You think you can cut out perfect squares with your knife, but how wrong you are. Enter: the Click Stick Butter Cutter. Made of plastic with a stainless steel blade, simply load your butter into the Click Stick and it’ll easily cut perfect slices of butter with one click. Drop those perfect pads of golden dairy onto your toast and watch them melt. It’s even perfect for those obsessive-compulsive chefs out there who need their butter just so. Coming in at about $14, the Click Stick is the full package: cheap, easy to use and dishwasher safe. It’s also refrigerator-ready, doubling as the most practical butter dish on the market.

Get yours on Amazon.

Paderno Spiralizer 1

4. Paderno Spiralizer
If you’re a pasta fan but are a little worried some of those refined carbs might be starting to hang around your problem areas, the Paderno Spiralizer is the way to go. Simply pick your favourite veggies (or fruit) and the Spiralizer turns them into delicious, noodle-like strands. Stick a zucchini onto the machine, turn the handle and watch it become spaghetti before your eyes. Toss it with some pesto or tomato sauce and you’ve got yourself a pasta dish that won’t outstay its welcome. Get your hands on the new “4-blade design” and you’ll be able to make your own angel-hair cuts, as well as having the whole machine fold down into its base for easy storage. The new blade design also employs a smaller core for less food waste and the enclosed storage compartment protects the blades and your counter top from any excess juices, making cleaning and maintenance a dream.

Order through Williams & Sonoma and for a small added fee, they’ll throw in the Spiralizer Cookbook for some great recipe ideas.

Paderno Spiralizer 2

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