Vegemite toastie

Australians don’t know why they love Vegemite; they just know they do.

With over 90 years on Aussie supermarket shelves, this iconic spread has come a long way in the culinary world.

Here are some great ways to use this national treasure that goes beyond your morning (or evening) toast!

10. Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls.


All you need is, SR flour, a pinch of salt, butter, milk, grated tasty cheese and of course the hero of the dish, Vegemite!


9. Toasted Cheese Snacks.

Vegemite toastie

A super quick snack that’s super yummy!


8. Spicy Nut Clusters.


Not only a great snack, but also a quirky addition to a gift when stored in mason jars.


7. Cheese and Vegemite straws.

chesey twists

Cheese, pastry and Vegemite, as simple as that!


6. Vegemite Bruschetta.


Getting bored of plain old bruschetta? Well, why not jazz it up with some Vegemite!



5. Vegemite Salad Sandwich.

salad sandwhich

Of course you’ve had the classic butter and Vegemite sandwich, but why not adds some ham and chicken slices along with lettuce and tomato for a mix up on a classic Aussie sandwich.


4. Chicken and Vegemite Couscous.

Warm Chicken And Cous Cous

A healthy and filling little dish.


3. Vegemite Breakfast Tarts.


Get creative and add any fillings in the bread tartlets. Also great for snacking.


2. Vegemite Toad in the Hole.

toad in a hole

Even try making the bread into french toast with a delicious layer of Vegemite sandwiched in between.


1. Egg and Vegemite Solders.


Great for the kids breakfast! Also yummy for adults!