Last year the dessert on everyone’s lips was the cronut, it quickly became the sweet treat du jour and started popping up in the trendiest cafes and bakeries all over the world. If the cronut proves anything it’s that as much as we all care about our health and claim to embrace ‘clean eating’ sometimes there’s just no fighting a sweet tooth! But, like all good fads there’s guaranteed to be something new to replace it soon enough. So here’s ten desserts that we’re predicting will be big this year – some of these are revamped retro favourites, some are back-to-basics classics and some are a little weird but all are delicious.


1. High-class popping candy

From trendy gelato spots to fashionable kids’ parties – in 2015 popping candy is making a huge come back! The childhood favourite is suddenly featuring in a number of very grown up desserts in some of the best restaurants around the world, even Heston Blumenthal has released a recipe for a popping candy chocolate gateau. To try this at home all you’ll have to do is pick up some Cottees Strawberry Popping Candy from your local Coles or Woolworths and start experimenting.

chocolate bark

2. Chocolate bark

Chocolate bark first popped up on expensive restaurant menus as a quirk in ‘deconstructed desserts’, the kind that look like art on a plate. Now, it’s everywhere and home bakers are churning out every possible flavour combination imaginable. Vegan and paleo friendly versions have become popular too, so next time you’ve got some picky dinner guests feeding them bark might be the answer.

adult ice cream cakes

3. Adult ice cream cakes
Still associate ice cream cakes with kids’ birthday parties at fast food chains? The latest wave of grown up ice cream cakes could change your mind! From Messina’s artful gelato cakes shaped like mushrooms and chic minimalist logs to Martha Stewart’s do-it-yourself seven layer ice cream cake, how can anyone resist?


4. Naughty porridge

Beer and bread porridge definitely isn’t the right dessert for anyone worried about their carbohydrate intake, but it sure is delicious. One New York restaurant made the food critics’ melt with their particular incarnation of this Danish comfort food classic – expect to be seeing this one on Australian menus very soon!


5. Duck desserts

Foie Gras and duck fat are making appearances on some of the most decadent dessert menus in recent years. Foie Gras creme brulee and duck fat sorbet are on some of the most critically acclaimed menus in New York and London, but this is one dessert that might be a bit much for the Australian palette.


6. Sophisticated cotton candy

The pistachio fairy floss at Nel in Sydney has people lining up for a bite, and the best thing about this gourmet cotton candy trend is that you can easily use it to spice up your own homemade desserts. Pariya persian fairy floss is available in a number of supermarkets around Australia and can instantly transform a scoop of ice cream into a dinner party worthy dessert!


7. Avocado chocolate mousse

Here’s one for the healthy foodies who haven’t lost their sweet tooth – chocolate mousse made with avocado in place of cream or butter is actually a lot tastier than it sounds. There are a lot of recipes out there for this dish and it can be customised to be sugar free as well as dairy free, making a great option for those with dietary or health needs!


8. Gourmet donuts

Forget cronuts and cupcakes, the latest must have menu item for every hipster cafe is their own gourmet donut. Devon on Danks is (arguably) Sydney’s best donut spot, with a regularly rotating menu of unlikely and un-friendly to your waistline flavours.


9. Olive oil isn’t just for salads

Olive oil is popping up on dessert menus, and it’s not just to please the health conscious – it turns out that olive oil cakes are absolutely delicious! Try this recipe for a lemon, semolina and olive oil cake. The best part about this back-to-basics trend is that there are no tricky speciality ingredients in these recipes, you’ll already have most of what you need sitting in your pantry.

soft serve

10. Matcha everything

Matcha is a finely ground Japanese green tea powder which is said to be healthier for you than regular green tea because you ingest the whole tea leaf. Now, matcha is turning up in a whole range of delicious desserts – from soft serves to macarons. You can try your own hand at whipping up a tasty matcha creation with the T2 range of matcha powders.

Images: All Found on Pinterest