Netflix Vs Stan

Netflix officially landed in Australia on March 24th and with it came the spotlight on widespread video streaming throughout the country. It’s time to take a look who is putting up the best fight and who you should be giving your monthly subscription fee to. Presto and Quickflix are both solid providers but the two at the head of the pack are StreamCo’s Rebel Wilson-endorsed Stan, in the blue corner, and over in the red corner is America’s favourite cool older brother, Netflix.

Round 1 – Price:

Stan offers just the one price bracket of $10 a month with a 30-day free trial while Netflix has managed to swoop in and undercut all of its competitors with an entry-level rate of $8.99 per month. This initial price bracket only gives you Netflix on one device in standard definition streaming. Bump up to $11.99 and you receive two streams, both with access to a high definition service. Bump up further still to $14.99 per month and you’ll get four streams along with Netflix’s unparalleled 4K content.

Netflix Vs Stan 1

Round 2 – Content:

In terms of Kid’s TV options, the bulk of Stan’s selections come from deals with the ABC, Nickelodeon and the BBC, but lacks the Disney options provided by Netflix. Along with their almost unfettered access to Disney content, Netflix also boast selections from Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm, and offer safe search protocols to ensure children browsing by themselves don’t come across anything they shouldn’t. Netflix also comes with the option of a child friendly interface in which the kids are suggested shows and movies by their favourite Pokemon or Disney character, something decidedly lacking on Stan.

In the adult’s court, Netflix and Stan are more or less on par, with each boasting a large range of drama, documentary and comedy and an independent focus on locally produced content. Netflix does boast its roster of originally produced shows such as House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black along with its ever increasing catalogue carried over from the US, something Stan simply does not have the mileage to offer at this stage.

Round 3 – Quality:

While Netflix works on a price = quality basis, Stan fluctuates automatically depending on the speed and strength of your Internet connection and allows you to toggle between SD and HD when watching on mobile devices. Netflix will also optimize image quality depending on connection speed but where it surpasses Stan is in its lack of interruption when changing speed and image quality, as Stan will have to re-buffer with each change while Netflix will not.

Perhaps most importantly, Stan has no current partnerships with any Internet Service Providers, meaning your monthly Internet bill is bound to bulge with downloads on Stan. Netflix, on the other hand, already has partnerships for unmetered use with iiNet and its subsidiaries and come April 17th, it will have a similar deal in place with Optus.

Knockouts and Points Decisions – The Verdict:

Above any other, Stan puts up the strongest fight but there really is no contest when it comes to Netflix’s experience and its superior streaming technology. If you’re already with iiNet or Optus, look into Netflix’s groundbreaking 4K content. In the end, those extra few dollars a month for the subscription will even out with unmetered downloads from your ISP. Ladies and gentlemen, Netflix has arrived.

Netflix Vs Stan 2

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