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There’s no formula for internet popularity, sometimes the things people share over and over again are just inexplicable. But, if there’s an easy way to be internet famous it probably involves being a very cute animal (and having an owner who is good with a camera). These five pets have more Instagram, Twitter and Facebook followers than most of us can ever dream of – and their popularity doesn’t end there. Some of these furry friends have appeared on talk shows and scored modelling contracts and others have come out with their own product lines. In fact, some of these animals make turning Instagram followers into a business look easy and are probably earning quite a nice income for their owners as the online fans of these pets all want a piece of them.

Boo the Dog

With 17 million Facebook fans and almost as many Instagram followers as a Kardashian, Boo – who fans speculate is a Pomeranian with a short hair cut – is one of the internets favourite pets. Boo has appeared on talk shows, posed with famous faces and been booked as a model by online boutique Tobi. His owners aren’t shy about promoting their very cute puppy either, they’ve made sure Boo has his own merchandise line to keep fans happy. You can buy plush Boo toys, a Boo calendar (with a new picture of the puppy posing for every month), Boo books full of dog wisdom and even a Boo watch.

Boo the Dog

Toast Meets World

If Boo’s the crowd pleasing pop star of famous animals, then Toast is the underground rapper who accidentally became famous. Adopted from a puppy mill in North Carolina, Toast suffered from rotting teeth that were making him sick and had to have them all removed. Now, he lives the glamorous life in New York City where his constantly lolling-out tongue has made him a superstar. Recently, Toast landed a modelling contract for high-fashion eyewear label Karen Walker. Do you want to own sunglasses modelled by the world’s most famous King Charles Cavalier? They can be yours for about $350.

Toast meets world

Choupette Lagerfeld
Designer Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s creative director, would obviously own the most glamorous and sophisticated cat in the world. Choupette Lagerfeld isn’t just a fashion darling, she’s also a social media superstar with 50 000 Instagram followers and just as many on Twitter. Of course, once Choupette made a name for herself on the social scene she had to come out with the most fashionable product line imaginable. Choupette’s makeup line was released last year with Shu Umera, featuring chic illustrations of the white cat on the packaging. An eyeshadow palette from the line will set you back approximately $90, promising colours that compliment Choupette’s fur perfectly.

Biddy the Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are the it-pet of the moment, and they can probably thank a large part of their popularity to one special hedgehog named Biddy. Sadly, Biddy the Hedgehog passed away at the beginning of March but over the course of his short life he made over half a million of his followers smile every day with photos of his travels across America. Following his death, articles have appeared in newspapers all over the world praising the joy he brought to so many people and his owners are struggling to keep his merchandise line in stock as fans clamour for something to remember Biddy by.


Nala Cat

Nala, a siamese and tabby cat mix, proves that in the world of social media sometimes looks really are everything. She’s amassed almost two million Instagram followers just by being a very, very pretty cat. Her big blue eyes, thick grey fur and perfectly symmetrical ears make her a model cat – and, of course, her owners have found a few ways to capitalise on adopting a genetically blessed kitten. Nala t-shirts, tote bags, cat toys and cat-size bow ties regularly sell out from the Nala store.

Nala Cat

Five products to turn any pet into a social media star
1. The 2015 commemorative Giggy Vanderpump collar
From the true star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this gold and crystal collar will make any pooch stand out.
2. Animology Gloss Finishing Spray
Model pets need shiny model coats, a high gloss finishing spray guarantees they’re always Instagram ready.
3. Doggles
Protect your pup’s eyes and make them look paparazzi ready with specially designed dog sunglasses.
4. Dogue cable knit jumpers
Tacky tutus are so 2009, today’s famous pets keep it classic in bold basics like these cable knit jumpers.
5. Artisan double wood cat feeders
Meal time for cats should never be a messy affair. These sleek, modern feed bowels will make your cat feel as sophisticated as she looks.

All images from Pinterest and various instagram accounts listed here.